Artist Spotlight: Local Natives

It’s Harmony Avenue’s second post! Cue the confetti. 🙂 Today’s artist spotlight is (hopefully) a complete 180 from Monday’s. I want to make sure to keep y’all on your toes, and make sure I’m just not sharing artists from one tiny little corner of the music spectrum. (And tomorrow I’m planning to debut a new feature of this blog. Haven’t quite decided which feature it will be yet, so stay tuned.) For now, let’s get on with spotlighting a great indie band from LA… Local Natives!

So who are they exactly? And how did I discover them? Well, one night early this summer, I was watching “The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson.” It’s my favorite late-night talk show, and whenever I get the chance to view it I do. Anyways…the musical guest that night was…Cher! OK, obviously it was Local Natives. They played the following (titled “Airplanes”):

Except it was live. And I absolutely loved it. It was quirky, I loved the involvement of the piano, and in something I rarely hear rock-ish bands do, they sang in harmony. Like actual, legit harmonies. And the song really made me happy. So I downloaded it.

Fast forward to a few months later…and “Airplanes” is still all I’ve heard of Local Natives. A friend from BYU that lives in California posts something about they’re going to a Local Natives concert, and that reminds me…I’ve only heard one song by them. (My bad.) I checked out their MySpace, loved what I heard, and got the rest of their music. I was that hooked.

One thing I love about Local Natives is their incredible sense of melody. Their music, like many indie bands, is weird and different. You can’t always hum along to it, per se. But the tunes, the chords, the harmonies, the instrumentation…it’s all just gorgeous. There’s an underlying beauty about it that really draws the listener in, I think. Listen to this cut, called “World News”:

I also love their amazing lyrics. “Airplanes” and “World News” are two great examples. Once I started listening closely to both songs, the lyrics started really speaking to me. These songs really started painting pictures in my head. And they have really uplifting, inspiring messages…but not ones that you’re beaten over the head with. How often can you find that in indie rock music?

Well, enough of me rambling about. The best way for you to discover the beauty of their music is to listen…so to close it out, here’s two more songs from their debut album, “Gorilla Manor” (“Stranger Things” and “Camera Talk” to be exact):

I’ll be back tomorrow, Friday, and hopefully Saturday with some more posts. Gracias for reading!


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