Song of the Day: “Goodbye England (Covered In Snow)”

Before I get into this post, let’s all take a moment to banish the procrastination/other stuff that has kept me from posting another Artist Spotlight since Thursday. Banish! There. That should do it. How about I post it tomorrow, and give y’all another Song of the Day for now? Good? Good. Now to the song…

“Goodbye England (Covered In Snow)” by Laura Marling!

There’s some songs that are just plain gorgeous and heartbreaking. This is one of them. The lyrics are haunting, the vocals are heartfelt and perfect, the instrumentation is lovely, and the melody & chords just beautifully complement it all. It’s a sad, evocative song, but it’s also uplifting and warm in a way. I really haven’t been able to stop listening to it lately. By the way, Laura Marling is a terrific British singer-songwriter whose last two albums have been nominated for the Mercury Prize…a pretty big deal and no small feat. I highly recommend her music (I will warn those of you like me who don’t like profanity that she gets a little salty on a few of her earlier songs…I can tell you for sure that her latest album, “I Speak Because I Can” is all clean, and all absolutely terrific music).


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