Artist Spotlight: Lucy Schwartz

Howdy all! Well, it’s been six days since I last posted. It’s not as if this blog was empty otherwise, but I was intending to post regularly…so sorry about that. I shall do better in the future. Anyways, as promised, here’s another wonderful artist spotlight. (Later today I’ll also be introducing another new blog feature, so stay tuned.) Without further ado, today’s Artist Spotlight shines the musical light on…

Lucy Schwartz!

Lucy is a terrific singer/songwriter that I discovered while watching “The Women.” It was a pretty good movie (I liked it), and part of the conceit of the film was that everything about it involved women…no men appeared in any shots in the movie (even the long shots and crowd shots, which is pretty impressive), and only women were used for the soundtrack. One of those women, only about 16 or 17 years old (am I getting this right?) at the time, was Lucy Schwartz. She wasn’t only on the soundtrack once, but twice, and in addition, her songs were placed at the opening credits and the end credits. Which meant when I was wondering during the beginning, “Who is singing this really cool song?,” the answer to that question was…Lucy. I fell in love with the following two tunes from the movie:

I was listening to those songs over and over for the most part, but it took me a while to discover she had an independently released album already. It was called “Winter In June,” and I really loved it…but because I didn’t really have any spare cash for a while, it took me about a year to finally get it on my iPod, thanks to a free trial from eMusic where I got 50 free downloads. 🙂 Here is one of my favorite cuts from that album (complete with music video! shiny!):

Not long after that, Lucy started kicking things up a notch, and before long, she had some new stuff, starting with a new EP that I was able to get pretty quickly (thanks to an interesting music site called Amie Street, where they have an interesting pricing system) after it came out. The title track (which I love) from that EP:

Finally, in September, a brand-spanking new album! A terrific song from that very album (which I got for free as a KCRW Song of the Day, and subsequently it skyrocketed to my 2nd-most-listened-to song in iTunes in about a month), called “Rain City”:

So what do I love about Lucy’s music? Here’s what I wrote in an email I sent to enter a contest to win a signed copy of “Life In Letters” (I won :D), that I think describes it pretty well: “Sometimes listening to her music, it’s almost like she hacked into my brain and found out exactly what I like in music. It’s so perfectly put together…the chords, the lyrics, the vibe, her beautiful voice. It’s peaceful, exciting, unique, and wonderful all at the same time. I can’t get enough of it.” Her songs are just plain beautiful, happy, uplifting, haunting, and deep, sometimes all at the same time. Especially with the new album, Lucy is incredible at writing and making her music very textured and atmospheric. It tells a story.

Well, to close, two more items of interest. First, Lucy’s latest music video, choreographed by Sonya Tayeh of SYTYCD, that happened to win the MTV U Freshmen online poll, and now is in regular rotation on MTV U (heck yes!):

And finally, a gorgeous ballad called “Gone Away” that has a bit of a story with it. (Well, more of a personal connection, but whatever.) It’s on Lucy’s new album, but it came out as a single a while before that. Me, my sister, and her friend did a fun little covers project this summer called The Mesa Sessions (I wanted it to continue into the fall, but they’re too darn busy) and posted songs on YouTube, and “Gone Away” was one of them that I decided to sing. About a week or so after I posted it, I was shocked to find a comment on the video by…Lucy Schwartz! And she said it was good. (In case you’re wondering, I was eventually able to pick up my jaw from the floor. :D) You can find my version on YouTube by searching for “gone away lucy schwartz cover” (it’s a few videos down, by the account called “mesasessions”), and here’s Lucy’s original (the single version, the album version is slightly different):

I’ll be posting again later today with a new feature. Feel free to comment, discuss, and even suggest your own favorite artists!


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