Let’s Play The Song Shuffle Game…

Here I am! With a post later tonight like I promised. (Sorry, but I have to celebrate the little things sometimes. :)) Here’s where things get a little experimental. (And possibly reminiscent of Facebook?) Right now, I’m going to put my iTunes on shuffle…and write down (or rather, type) 10 songs. And then I’m going to ask myself random questions about each of them. And I’ll be kind of be winging this a bit. It should be fun? I hope so. Let’s see how this goes…

Da Songs:

  1. Angels–David Archuleta
  2. Valkyrie In The Roller Disco–The New Pornographers
  3. Waiting On The World To Change–John Mayer
  4. God Loved Us, So He Sent His Son–BYU Men’s Chorus
  5. Under The Milky Way–Sia
  6. King For A Day–Jamiroquai
  7. Gloria–2009 Arizona All-State Choir
  8. I Wish I Were In Love Again–Sarah Vaughan
  9. Give Me The Simple Life–Ella Fitzgerald
  10. Processional on “God Rest Ye, Merry Gentlemen”–Mormon Tabernacle Choir

So here we go. Ten questions. Each one about a different song.

1. How many times have you played number 6?

3, according to iTunes.

2. How did you find out about number 4?

Well, I kind of sang in Men’s Chorus all last year, so…I know the song very well. 🙂 We all got 2-disc archival sets at the end of the school year, and naturally, “God Loved Us” (which we sang in General Conference) was on it.

3. Quote the first line from number 7.

Ah, good, I gave myself an easy one. (I’ve gotten to the point on my post editor that I can’t see the song list anymore, and I didn’t really try to keep track of the numbers before I started these questions, so this could actually be kind of random and arbitrary.) “Gloria in excelsis deo…” (Another song I was part of and had to memorize. :))

4. When’s the last time you listened to number 1?

According to my handy dandy iTunes, February 28, at midnight.

5. If you could use one or two words to describe number 5, what word would you use?

Subtly brooding.

6. Who would be a great artist to cover number 8?

Haha, now I gave myself a doozy…since it’s a jazz standard and you’d be hard pressed to find someone who hasn’t covered it. How about for a choice out of left field…since she just came on my shuffle (I’m keeping it running)…a haunting “Hide and Seek”-esque version by Imogen Heap? 🙂

7. Name another song you have by the artist who performed number 2.

“Go Places,” which was in fact the first song I downloaded by them. (It’s beautiful, by the way. I heard it in my junior English class and I simply had to get it on my iPod, regardless of the less-than-ideal name of the band.)

8. What would be a good alternate title for number 3?

Great, why did I come up with this question? How about…”Waiting on the World”? A cop out, I know, but it’s my blog. 🙂

9. Do you have any versions of number 10 by any other artists?

Yes, I believe. Let’s see…oh wait, apparently only one, by Rascal Flatts of all people. Interesting…

10. Translate number 9 into Spanish.

Dame la vida sencilla. (I may or may not had to resort to Google Translate. Sorry, but my Spanish is a bit rusty lately. :))

Well, that was an interesting little puppy. Did you like it? Hate it? Sitting on the fence about it? Please do let me know, because I want to see whether it’s something worth keeping up or not. (I personally think it was kind of fun, which is always a good goal to achieve.) And here’s the part where you all (hopefully) get involved…in the comments, I’d you like to pick a few of these questions (however many of them you want, whether it be 1, 5, or 10, or anywhere in between) and then pick a few songs off of your particular music software’s shuffle function. (You can also use your iPod/Zune/MP3 player of some sort too.) Let’s see some of the answers you have, and make this a bit of a party. 🙂


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