Song of the Day: “Do You Love Me”


Big, exciting things are afoot on Harmony Avenue! Starting tonight. But not yet. First, another lovely song of the day called…

“Do You Love Me” by Guster!

You know those ads on the side of Facebook? Yeah, they’re mostly annoying. But sometimes there’s some good ones. There are occasionally ads so painfully awkward they’re great to make fun of…but that’s not what I’m talking about here. There are also some ads for great music, and that’s how I discovered Guster, a great indie pop/rock band. The ad said something to the effect of “Do you like (insert artist I love here…I can’t remember quite which name the Facebook ad system pulled out of a hat)? Then you’ll love Guster! Listen to their new album here!” On an impulse, I clicked on it, and it took me to Guster’s Facebook page, where they had a SoundCloud preview of their whole latest album. And wow. It was good. DANG good. Here is one of my favorites. It’s a peppy, beautiful, totally uplifting and fun love song. (But not so peppy you’ll throw up…it’s a great balance of sweet and substantive.) Chances are it will brighten your mood. And take up residence in your head, but you won’t care because you’ll love it so much. Or something like that. Take a listen here:

Bonus! If you like what you hear…well, you’ll have to download this particular song on iTunes or something. But…there’s another song off Guster’s new album (called “Easy Wonderful”) that they’re offering for free! It’s a great tune called “Bad Bad World” (ironic title, eh?), and you can download it here:

P.S.: So, the big, exciting things I was talking about earlier? They shall begin soon. I’ll be posting a special album review posthaste tonight, and you’ll have a chance to win free stuff! What is this, you say? Sorry, I can’t hear you right now. Details to come. 🙂


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