Music Video of the Day: “Christmas Lights”


Howdy once again, Harmony Avenue readers. Rather than a Song of the Day today, I’m going to step it up a bit and do a Music Video of the Day. This is also a little preview of the holiday-tastic goodness I’ll hopefully be diving into later this month. 🙂 Today, take a gander at the lovely video for…

“Christmas Lights,” by Coldplay!

I’m a huge Coldplay fan, and I’ve stayed that way for years. I love X&Y AND Viva la Vida (a rarity, yes?), and all their other albums to boot. They just keep putting out such beautiful, engaging, well-crafted songs. They definitely don’t deserve all the hate piled upon them for supposedly being a subpar/mediocre/middling band. Anyways, I was excited to hear their new single for the Christmas season, “Christmas Lights.” It certainly didn’t disappoint…it’s a subtly, simply gorgeous song, and the lyrics are a lovely balance between the sadness and hope found in the winter months. But if it was only just a terrific song, I wouldn’t be showing you the music video, would I? 🙂 The video clip that goes with this song is quirky (Coldplay has become a little delightfully random lately, probably because they’re British and have been together for so long), beautifully shot, and with a really cool progression. The shining lights on the trees…the moving cardboard cutouts in the back (look for what happens to the fish midway through)…the somewhat inexplicable but totally fun string players/Elvis impersonators in the background (the words on top of wooden stage Coldplay performs on also have a connection to this)…a stunning view of the Thames at night (I really want to visit London)…and the soaring touch of a group of fans on the boat chiming along in the video (my favorite part). It’s just a wonderful, soaring, optimstic video, paired with a great song to match. Whether you celebrate Christmas or not, it’s a great way to ring in the holiday season. Enjoy! 🙂


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