Song of the Day: “Bulldozer”

It’s the last Song of the Day (and post on Harmony Avenue, for that matter) of the year! Sniffle, sniffle. What shall it be? How ’bout a little something called…

“Bulldozer,” by Bess Rogers!

I got this song just yesterday thanks to a free sampler NoiseTrade (an absolutely terrific site where you can find lots of free music from up-and-coming artists, I highly suggest you check it out) and Bess herself were offering this week. (It’s still available for a short time, so go forth and get it! It features a collection of 9 great songs from her various EPs, along with a few other tracks.) I’m not quite sure how I stumbled upon it, but I do remember checking out Bess’s music on iTunes about a year ago and loving it (but sadly, my wallet didn’t love it, and I couldn’t buy any at the time). She’s toured with the one and only Ingrid Michaelson (in fact, in the live version of “The Chain” on Ingrid’s compilation CD “Be OK,” Bess is one of the trio vocalists), and all her music is absolutely terrific. I just can’t get enough of this particular song, especially (I’m getting close to just sticking it on repeat, since I’ve already listened to it so much)…it’s peppy, but deep; the chord progressions are just SO good, and Bess’s voice is full of power and personality. I highly recommend you close out 2010 with this fine number…and bonus! Here’s a firecracker live performance of the song, courtesy of Blender (the embedding thing didn’t work for some reason, so just hop on over to the link):

Have a great New Year’s, everyone! See you all in 2011, with lots more musical goodness here in Harmony Avenue. 🙂 (And if you’re looking for a blog-y way to celebrate, how about subscribing? It’s the best, most convenient way to keep up with everything happening here. Just click on the button on the right.)


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