Song of the Day: “Tu y Yo”

Happy 2011, everyone! Sorry for my long 11-day absence. It happens sometimes with blogging. Many apologies…here’s a small but lovely piece of music to tide you over until I get a few more posts up in the coming days…

“Tu y Yo” by Ximena Sariñana!

Ximena is an artist (and actress) from Mexico whose debut CD, “Mediocre,” I’ve grown to absolutely love and adore after I downloaded a song from it, “Normal,” for free as an iTunes Cancion de la Semana about two years ago. She’s a terrific artist (in fact, I might do an Artist Spotlight on her down the road), with a powerful, distinctive voice, beautiful songs, and a nice artistic sensibility that’s both unique and very accessible. Her songs are a bit offbeat…but not in a “look, I’m weird!” way. It’s very subtle and sophisticated and very intriguing. Anyways, about a week ago, thanks to Ximena’s Twitter feed (in Spanish, but I follow her anyway just because), I was alerted to a song from her forthcoming new album being available for free on a music blog called Club Fonograma. (You can find that link to the free download here.) [UPDATE: Unfortunately, the download is no longer available, but you can buy the song on iTunes!) It’s an interesting progression from the goodness found on her first album…the production, by Natalia Lafourcade (a fellow outstanding Mexican artist whose most recent album I plan to review in the near future), is a little old-school-sounding…it almost sounds like it was recorded on a cozy, worn antique piano, in a cottage in the mountains. Or something like that. And the song itself? Absolutely gorgeous. It starts off soft and alluring…then goes into a heartbreakingly beautiful chorus, full of power, and a subtle, emotionally haunting quality. It’s not quite sad or happy, but somewhere in between…and Ximena taps into that sweet spot incredibly well. As an interesting side note (thanks, Internet, for your wonderful info),  this song will be the only Spanish-language track on her upcoming album…her English-language debut. Also, Dave Sitek (who produced Scarlett Johansson’s very intriguing Tom Waits cover project) and Greg Kurstin (one half of the Bird and the Bee, who has produced quite a few good things, including stuff by Lily Allen and Beck) will be contributing at producers to the record. Hopefully those pieces of news make you as excited for her new CD as I am. 🙂

(Random trivia: My mom watched a Spanish telenovela called “Luz Clarita” when I was younger…complete with the most hummable/verging on annoying/earwormy theme song ever, sung by two young girls in a very precocious style. I found out a year or so ago that Ximena was on that very program, and sung the theme song along with the girl who played Luz Clarita, Daniela Lujan. It’s a small world, eh? :))

See y’all in a bit with some more Harmony Avenue goodness.


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