Music Video of the Day: “For The First Time” (With A Twist)


It’s been a bit since I’ve posted a Music Video of the Day, so I thought I’d share one with y’all. In case you’re worried I’m just going to do Songs and Music Videos of the Day for all of 2011…your worries will come true! Moo hu ha ha ha! Just kidding. I’ll be changing things up with some different Harmony Avenue features very soon. In fact, you can even find a teaser list of them below this post. For now, let’s view a video of The Script’s recent single “For The First Time”…or are we? Actually, this is (unnecessary drum roll please!)…

A cover of “For The First Time” by Amy Kuney!

Amy is a terrific singer/pianist…and a very interesting one at that. (She and her friends were kidnapped and released by a group of Guatemalan rebels when she was 17, and she acted and sang on two episodes of “Gilmore Girls,” for example.) She’s done the traditional recording-albums-and-EPs-and-whatnot thing, and her songs have been heard in various shows and movies (most intriguingly in the recent film “Catfish”), but she’s also become very well-known for her covers on YouTube as well. She’s taken on tunes by everyone from Coldplay to Lady Gaga, Damien Rice to Taylor Swift. This is the latest of her YouTube covers, and one of the few she’s done with her own voice multitracked. It’s an absolutely gorgeous version of “For The First Time,” a song from Irish band The Script’s newest album (it’s been out in Europe since September, but drops in the states this Tuesday). Her voice is distinctive and assured, and this acoustically driven version of the song, with her own voice(s) acting like a choir to her lead vocals, really adds to the originality and beauty of the cover…and makes it one that’s better than the original. If you want to hear more of Amy, visit her YouTube channel (the video above should lead you to it alright) or her website. I highly recommend all of her music.

And now, a tiny sneak peek of what I’m planning for upcoming Harmony Avenue posts:

  • An Artist Spotlight or two (what I always say, I know, but there’s lots of great artists I want to let you know about!)
  • Album reviews of both “Knock On The Sky” (by SHeDAISY) and “Hu Hu Hu” (by Natalia LaFourcade)
  • My Picks for the Grammys (I’ll be covering the big categories, naturally, but also some of the obscure ones, like Best Instrumental Arrangement Accompanying Vocals and Best Vocal Jazz Album)
  • A Sketches post about men’s choirs (ish)
  • A performance or two by yours truly?? (This idea has been in the works since I started this blog, but in 2011 I’d like to actually get it off the ground)
  • Some other cool stuff, yo.

And that’s just a teaser…I’m bound to think of other interesting things to share. Keep up with my new posts by subscribing, either with the handy dandy little button at the top, if you’re a WordPress member, or the handy dandy little button on the right side of this blog, which sends you an email every time I post (I don’t post incessantly, so your inbox won’t be terribly bothered). See you later with a new post! Thanks for reading.


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