Song of the Day: “Never Leave Your Heart Alone”

Today’s Song of the Day? How about a little gem from circa 2003…

“Never Leave Your Heart Alone” by Butterfly Boucher!

Those of you readers who watch “Grey’s Anatomy” might be familiar with this tune, as it was apparently used in an episode once. (Never seen the show, but I’ve sometimes considered watching it just for the music. They pick some REALLY good stuff. :)) It’s a stunningly lovely tune, driven by piano and background vocals. I can’t really get enough of it. I’ll have to check out more of Butterfly Boucher’s music…I’ve had her version of “Changes” with David Bowie (the song’s original artist) from “Shrek 2” for a while, but besides that, I haven’t really heard much of her stuff yet, and judging from this song, she definitely sounds incredibly promising.

See you later on down the road with a new Artist Spotlight or two. Many thanks for reading!

(P.S.: I’m floating the idea of changing the background theme for this blog, though I still really love this one. Stay tuned to see if I actually go through with it. :))


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