Let’s Go To The Movies!


“And the Oscar goes to…”

Ah, Oscar season. The glitz, the glamour, the awards, the craziness…anyways, I find it very interesting/fun. But it’s over now. The Academy Awards for this year (honoring the past year, 2010) have already happened. But that doesn’t mean we can’t keep the Oscar spirit alive for a few more weeks…especially when there was a bit to disagree with in terms of the Academy’s choices. One category in particular? Best Original Song. While Randy Newman’s jaunty tune from Toy Story 3, “We Belong Together,” was quite a wonderful song, there were quite a few other choices I would have made instead had I been a member of the Academy. That got me thinking about what my nominees would be, and subsequently, I’ve decided to try out a little contest-type thing. I’ve chosen six songs from the Academy’s shortlist (released back in December) consisting of 41 songs from 2010 films that the eventual nominees were chosen from. (The Academy nominated 4 this year, and the limit is usually 5. I went with 6 because there were a few I couldn’t end up eliminating from contention. Just be glad I didn’t pick 20. :D) 2 of the nominees are songs that the Academy nominated, and I tried to pick songs that I loved from this year in film, but also didn’t all fall into one little corner of music.

So how will the winner be decided? By you, of course…in a voting method partially based on the Academy’s current process for selecting Best Picture. First, you’ll vote for your favorite out of all 6 nominees. After a day or two (I’ll outline the first voting deadline in the next post, where I’ll post clips of all the songs), the two songs with the lowest numbers of votes/voting percentage will be eliminated. Then you’ll vote on the remaining 4 nominees, after which the song with the lowest number of votes/voting percentage will again be eliminated. Finally, you’ll vote on the final 2 nominees, and the nominee with the highest number of votes/voting percentage will be the winner. And that’s all there is to it…stay tuned for a following post with videos of the nominees, and of course…the opening poll! Tell your friends, tell your family…and be sure to vote!


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