Music Video of the Day: When We Were Young

It’s been a while since I’ve posted a Music Video of the Day, and what better to post than one (very briefly) involving yours truly? Well, I suppose there could be a lot of things better to post. 🙂 But this one is by the amazing Lucy Schwartz (previously spotlighted here on Harmony Avenue, of course), for her song “When We Were Young,” which is the theme song for international broadcasts of NBC’s “Parenthood,” so it kind of automatically rocks. Lucy asked her fans to send in photos of when they were young, and I (along with many, many others) obliged. The video features absolutely adorable home videos of Lucy and her older brother Ian when they were little, along with a slideshow of those childhood fan photos. Plus the song is quite terrific. Look for me right after the girls from “The Shining”! (I’m not quite sure why they’re in the video, but Lucy explains it a bit in the video comments.) I’m in a Halloween costume. 🙂 Enjoy all the cute kids! And the great music. See you in the next few days with some more new posts.


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