Song of the Day: “The Truth”

Here’s a lovely Song of the Day, the first in May…I say. 🙂

“The Truth” by Catherine Papworth!

I was lucky enough to see Catherine perform at an informal little open mic night in someone’s backyard last week, and although I had heard a lot about her due to her connections with Noteworthy (the awesome women’s a cappella group at BYU that she was in and eventually co-directed during her time there) and Arizona and everything, I hadn’t really heard much of her music. The few songs she played were absolutely gorgeous…ranging from a stop-you-in-your-tracks cover of the Cure’s “Friday I’m In Love” (which apparently was free a few months ago, but now is completely unavailable, which makes me a bit sad) to one or two excellent originals to, of course, this lovely number (also an original). It’s the title track off her recent EP, and it’s uplifting, beautiful, outstandingly crafted…it’s heartfelt, but refreshing at the same time. (The way the piano starts off, and the delicious harmonies, get me every time.) I can’t get enough of it, and thanks to the songs she played that night, and the songs I now have on my iPod, I’m now one of Catherine’s biggest fans. 🙂

See y’all later in the week with some new posting. As always, whoever you are…thanks for reading!


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