Song of the Day: “To Build A Home”

So…16 days have passed by. Without a post. For shame, Brandon, for shame. This tonight, and an Artist Spotlight tomorrow. Plus I still have a lot of interesting things cooked up for later. For now…today’s/tonight’s Song of the Day? How about…

“To Build A Home” by the Cinematic Orchestra (feat. Patrick Watson)!

This is a gorgeous tune by a British group called The Cinematic Orchestra, which actually usually does instrumental music, from what I understand. According to Wikipedia (because Wikipedia knows all? :D), they often have a more jazz/electronic vibe. I haven’t checked out their music much, but since Jamie Cullum name-checked them, and this song is so terrific, perhaps I should. Anyways, it’s a very sparse, yet driving piano-based ballad (with some tasteful, beautiful strings) with vocals by Canadian singer/songwriter Patrick Watson (who I’d actually already heard of, and I have 2 of his songs on my iPod to boot). Of all people to introduce me to it…my sister actually told me about this, which is kind of crazy, since she’s totally into more mainstream music than I am. (Apparently she’s in a ‘contemporary music’ mood right now, so she’s been getting into a LOT of artists/music I love much more than whatever we agree on in the field of music normally. It’s kind of amazing. :)) It’s sweeping, heartbreaking, and uplifting all at once. It’s rather hard for me to get enough of it.

See you soon with fresh posts, and lots of great music! My next post (if things according to plan) will be an Artist Spotlight on the aforementioned Jamie Cullum. You’re gonna love him, I know it. 🙂 Thanks for reading, as always!


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