Music Video of the Day: “Cry Baby”


I haven’t done a Music Video of the Day in a while, so here’s a quick post on the incredibly fun video for…

“Cry Baby” by Cee Lo Green!

I actually hadn’t heard the song before I saw the video, and I think it just may be my favorite Cee Lo song. (Yes, even better than the goodness that was “Forget You.”) The video stars not Cee Lo, but TV and film actor Jaleel White, who those of you from the 80s may rec0gnize as the former Urkel from “Family Matters,” but who I recognize from the hilarious 2001 film “Big Fat Liar,” where he played himself. 🙂 Jaleel (as “Cee Lo”) starts off by telling his girlfriend that he’s about to leave, and that it’s time for them to fly…then he starts off into the song, breaks into some awesome dancing, attracts a crowd of people, and the result is joyful music-video magic. It’s a blast to watch.


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