Song of the Day: “How Come You Never Go There”


So I recently made a personal queue of posts I’d like to make on this blog in the near-future. I came up with about 15…so yeah. I need to get around to posting much more regularly. My “Behind The Hymns” post for this past Sunday is forthcoming, but for now, here’s a lovely Song of the Day…

“How Come You Never Go There” by Feist!

I’ve been a huge fan of Feist’s for a while now (ever since her last album, “The Reminder,” came out back in 2007 and its lead single, the irresistibly catchy “1234,” took the world by storm, me included), and this is the first full-length taste from her upcoming album, “Metals.” New material from Feist (her first name is Leslie, and she’s Canadian, for those of you who might not have heard of her) has been quite a long time coming, and this new single of hers is incredibly captivating. It’s subtle and alluringly complex, but also very infectious and inviting at the same time. The lyrics are very ambiguous, but also very poetic. “Jazzy” is a word I don’t like to throw around too much (as others tend to do), but that’s a quality I’d say this song has in a way. It moves along at a sultry kind of shuffle, and Feist’s vocals are in top form. Her phrasing is fascinating, and the purity in her tone really helps hit this song home. This song keeps getting better and better for me with each listen (and there have been quite a few listens on my iPod/iTunes the past week or so), and if it’s a sign of things to come, I simply can’t wait for “Metals” to arrive.


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