Two Songs of the Day: “Young Love” and “Fine Line”

My usual recap of “The Sing-Off” (which, let’s face it, tends to take over this blog a bit when it’s on, though I’ll hopefully be able to remedy that now that I have some more free time) will most likely come tomorrow morning as once again I won’t be able to watch it live (darn lack of DVR!) and I’ll have to catch it via Hulu again, but getting back to our regularly scheduled programming, here’s two songs of the day, coincidentally by two British acts. One of them will probably be new to you, and as for the other, if you haven’t heard of them, you haven’t just been living under a rock, you’ve been living under a rock AND you hit your head on it on the way in. 🙂 First off…

“Young Love” by Mystery Jets (feat. Laura Marling)!

This song is by British indie band Mystery Jets, and I actually found out about it in a roundabout way…I was looking up “Way Back Into Love” (kind of what serves as the theme song from a very fun film, “Music & Lyrics,” which starred Hugh Grant & Drew Barrymore) on Wikipedia for some reason (is there ever ANY explainable reason I look up something on Wikipedia? Probably not), and the article mentioned something about the chorus for this song might have borrowed/stolen the melody from “Way Back Into Love.” Luckily, the article also mentioned that “Young Love” featured an artist I absolutely adore, Laura Marling, and upon reading that I knew I had to check the song out. (My curiosity combined with my Laura Marling love to lead me to that point.) It’s a catchy, lively song that combines some nice elements of both the modern and the old-school, and it’s made even better by Laura’s amazing appearance towards the latter half. (It’s already a great song on its own, but Laura’s effortlessly alluring vocals put it over the top.) The melody in the chorus does admittedly sound a bit similar to “Way Back Into Love,” but none of that gets in the way of what ends up being an utterly infectious, terrific song. (Also, this reminds me I need to check out more of Mystery Jets’ music.) Now, to a fairly recent song by an English music legend…

“Fine Line” by Paul McCartney!

At the time I discovered this song, I was already somewhat familiar with Sir Paul’s 2005 comeback album of sorts, “Chaos and Creation in the Backyard,” but I hadn’t listened to anywhere near all the songs on it, which is why this firecracker of an opening track passed me by until a few months ago. I think this was another song that came out thanks to a random Wikipedia search (I was maybe looking up Paul McCartney singles, perhaps? I’m not sure), funnily enough. (I also heard it playing at work a few days after I had downloaded it, which was an interesting coincidence.) This album signaled an artistic rebirth in many ways for Paul (it was a critical and commercial success and continued to show he had lots of life beyond his work with the Beatles), and this song is a sign of that revitalization. Paul sounds great, the songwriting is top-notch, and it’s just an energetic, addicting tune.

See you soon with more posts, including (but not limited to) my Episode 5 “Sing-Off” recap. As is always the case…thanks for reading!


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