Song of the Day: “Little Joanna”

I’m back with more Anniversary Week-related goodness! Here’s yet another reminder to not forget about the $15 iTunes gift card giveaway. There’s been only one entry so far, so your chances are still quite impressive. Go forth and comment!

This Song of the Day (true to form, posted either near the end of the day in certain time zones, or past midnight in others) harks back to my very first featured song, a delightful piece of pop goodness by way of Germany, Lena’s Eurovision-winning “Satellite.” This time around, it’s another guilty pleasure-type slice of European pop, but this time it’s from the UK. Say hello to…

“Little Joanna” by McFly!

I came across the sounds of McFly thanks to my current obsession with “Strictly Come Dancing,” the original British version of the popular US series “Dancing With The Stars.” (I may or may find it just the tiniest bit more fun and exciting than the US version. Maybe it’s because of the whole England mystique?) Anyways, one of the contestants this series (their name for TV seasons in the UK) is McFly’s drummer, Harry Judd, who is actually a pretty darn good dancer, and seems to be a fun guy. In honor of him, I decided to check out McFly’s music, and…well…hmmm. A lot of it isn’t quite my thing…it’s just way too poppy and I can’t say I really love it. A few songs, though, really caught my eye, and this was definitely one of them. Upon listening to it more than a few times, I’ve noticed something very unsettling…the band kind of bears a passing sonic resemblance to a US act I’ve hated for quite a while now…the Jo…the Jona…Jonas…K, I can’t bring myself to type their name, but you can probably gather that it’s these guys. They do share the same kind of youthful power-pop energy. This particular song, though, also is very well-written, the piano really drives it in a great way, the chords are effortlessly delicious, and basically, it’s just tons of fun to listen to. The lead vocalist also has a strong voice, and although it’s totally full of pop mannerisms, it’s also very nice to listen to. OK, those last two sentences were basically thinly veiled excuses to try to cover up the fact that I like a song that sounds like the Jonas Brothers. (Dang, I gave in to typing it out!) But oh well. I can live with that.

Thanks for reading, remember to enter the giveaway by commenting on any of this site’s lovely posts (it’s that easy!), and see you later this week with more of the Anniversary Week celebration, along with some good old regular features. 🙂


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