Music Video of the Day: “Life In Letters”

Alas, Anniversary Week hasn’t gone quite as planned (what else is new? 🙂 ), as it’s Saturday night and there’s only 2 contest entries, and I’m just getting to my third commemorative post. I’m responding to both of these things by: a) Extending the deadline of the giveaway until next Wednesday night at 11:59 MST. I will also be making my final Anniversary Week post next week. (Which kind of makes it an Anniversary Two Weeks, but that’s neither here nor there…ahem.) Now, before the day is over, a quick look at the newest music video from an artist I’ve shared a few times here at Harmony Avenue (the first of which was back in November for one of my first Artist Spotlights), it’s…

“Life In Letters” by Lucy Schwartz!

Lucy filmed this video underwater (it takes place both in that setting and in a desert…you’ll see what I mean once you watch the video), and it’s a gorgeous, unique, even kind of fanciful experience that’s very exciting to watch. The story of the music video is sweet, and the imagery is breathtaking. What better to go with a beautiful song like “Life In Letters” (which, by the way, is the title track to her most recent album)? Also, as a plus, this video was created to promote charity: water, a great nonprofit organization dedicated to providing safe drinking water to those in developing nations who need it. (You can find a link to donate to Lucy’s campaign for charity: water here.) It’s a great video and a great cause, and one of the many reasons why I love Lucy and her music.

Thanks for reading, make sure to comment (your chances of winning are still terrific if you enter soon!), and once again, happy Anniversary Week here on Harmony Avenue. 🙂


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