Reprise: More Music From Lucy, Jamie, and Sondre!

Hey, a post that’s not about “The Sing-Off”! Those are becoming increasingly rare on this blog. My apologies to the non-“Sing-Off”-initiated. Anyways, here’s a new feature I’ve kind of spontaneously decided to introduce, called “Reprise.” I’m not sure if it will be recurring too often or not, but basically it’s an opportunity for me to share more music from those I’ve done Artist Spotlights (or other assorted posts that I’m not planning to formally follow up on) for. Either it came out after I posted, I didn’t know about it when I posted, or I was crazy enough to exclude it when I posted. Starting off, here’s three gems from Lucy Schwartz. One is a stunning track from her new EP, “Keep Me,” called “You Are You Are.” It’ll break your heart, pretty much. The next is an equally gorgeous cut from, of all places, the “Breaking Dawn” soundtrack. (Those Twilight movies may be awful, but Alexandra Patsavas, the music supervisor, picks some TERRIFIC music.) It’s a duet called “Cold” featuring terrific British musician Aqualung (stage name for Matthew Hales), who I will probably end up making the focus of his own Artist Spotlight sooner or later. The harmonies in this song are just devastatingly beautiful, especially in the last part of the song. The third song is Aqualung and Lucy’s previous collaboration (a bonus track on her “Life In Letters” album), a heartbreaking yet energetic piano-driven ballad called “Seven Hours.”

Now here’s the rest of Jamie Cullum’s music! Just kidding. I wish I had space to do that. Instead, I’ll share three great songs I hadn’t heard until a week or two ago. The first is an incredibly lovely, thought-provoking waltz-like ballad (in 5/4, no less) called “Oh God.” Jamie reportedly wrote it while watching coverage of the 2005 tsunami disaster on CNN. (This song is from his major-label sophomore effort, “Catching Tales.”) The second song is the emotional title theme  from Clint Eastwood’s 2008 film “Gran Torino.” (It was co-written by Eastwood himself as well as his musician/composer son Kyle, and was nominated for a Golden Globe for Best Original Song.) The third number? A rollicking party of a tune, and a bonus track off his latest album “The Pursuit,” called “I Love This.” (I certainly love this, indeed. :))

Finally, some more music from Sondre Lerche, who released a new album (titled simply “Sondre Lerche,” perhaps a nod to the fact that it’s much more organic and acoustically driven than his previous recordings) after I made him the subject of an Artist Spotlight. The following tunes are the expansive, intoxicating “Domino,” peppy but deep “Private Caller,” and gorgeous opening track “Ricochet” (I love the outro).

OK, I might not be using this feature too often, seeing as I started it yesterday morning, and it took me until now to get it up because Jamie Cullum’s songs were particularly difficult to find. Also, I have no idea how well this page will load for most of you, seeing as it has 9 media items embedded on it. (Of course, I did have work, sleep, and other assorted activities in between. It’s not like it took me more than 24 hours to find them. :)) Thanks, as always, for reading, and I’d love to hear your feedback about Reprise, or any other posts I’ve made.


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