Song of the Day: “Estupida”

Here comes a Song of the Day…and this time around, it’s in Spanish! Take a look at this great salsa jam (yes, I just used the word “jam”)…

“Estupida” by India!

As is the case with a lot of songs I have, I found out about this one by a curious iTunes search. However, iTunes isn’t where I found out about India in the first place. My mom actually introduced me to her music…she’s a huge salsa fan (I am too at this point, but I wasn’t when I was younger), and one of the albums she had was a live recording of a concert (it was a 10th anniversary celebration for music  label RMM), and that concert featured a great song by India (known as “La Princesa de la Salsa,” or the “Princess of Salsa,” by the way) and legendary artist Oscar d’Leon. Anyways, long story short, years later I wanted to listen to more of her stuff (this actually isn’t the first time I’ve checked out more of her music), discovered this gem (and a few others) off her most recent album, and there we go. It’s a stunning combo of devastatingly delivered heartbreak (La India has a powerful voice, and it’s full of emotion here) and a dazzling salsa setting, and if you’re anything of a Latin music fan, it will probably get your finger stuck on the repeat button.

(Thanks for reading!)


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