My Music: “Look No Further”


So I just watched “The Sing-Off” finale, and it was indeed a treat. But before I get to my recap (which I shall commence writing right after I post this), here’s a new cover I recorded just today. It’s a stark, low-key ballad from British singer/songwriter Dido, who’s probably best known for the song “White Flag,” which was so big a hit it’s still playing on most adult-contemporary radio stations to this day. (Funny story about that song: For about 2 years I kept hearing it and loving it, but it being before the widespread advent of lyrics sites, and also due to the fact that I couldn’t quite understand the chorus whenever it came on the radio, it was a long time before I finally discovered what it was called.) This song is off her most recent album, “Safe Trip Home” (highly recommended), and its name is “Look No Further.” It’s admittedly a bit in my lower range for the most part, but it’s such a beautiful (and simple) song that I couldn’t resist singing it. Hope it strikes your fancy…and stay tuned for a “Sing-Off” recap coming later tonight. Thanks, as always, for checking my blog out.


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