Song of the Day: “Little Lovin'”


A new Song of the Day (back to its old spot in the late evening…guess some things never change?), coming right up. Via the a’ight remake of “Footloose,” it’s the captivating tune…

“Little Lovin'” by Lissie!

So I didn’t think much of the “Footloose” remake (then again, years ago when I watched bits and pieces of the original with my dad, I didn’t think much of that either), which I didn’t technically sit down to watch, but was in the room while it was being viewed by the rest of my family, so I basically saw the whole thing anyhow. Anyways, what caught my attention the most was this gorgeous song by folk rock singer Lissie, someone who I had heard of a bit before now, but whose music hadn’t reached my ears until I heard it in the movie. Lissie (whose real name is Elizabeth Maurus) delivers a fearless, haunting vocal, and the song is full of both relentless energy and chilling depth. It’s a song I can’t get enough of right now, pretty much.

More exciting posts are to come. Thanks for reading and listening!


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