Song of the Day: “The Draw”


Now that I’m (finally, hopefully) back to posting regularly again, and I just made my 100th post, it’s time to return to a regular Harmony Avenue feature…the Song of the Day. Like I explained before, I won’t necessarily be featuring a Song of the Day each day (though that would be the ideal…I’ll see if I can get that happening), but every so often at the very least, you’ll find a new song to discover in one of these posts. Today’s, inspired by a special day celebrated every year on July 14, is…

“The Draw” by Bastille!

In case you’re wondering if the band’s name has any connection with Bastille Day, the aforementioned holiday celebrating the storming of a French fortress, according to Wikipedia it was so named because lead singer Dan Smith’s birthday falls on the same date. Joyeux Anniversaire, Dan! Anyways…given I’ve been out of the country for the past two years, I was unaware of Bastille’s music until I returned home and my sister introduced me to a bit of their work. (They’d already become fairly popular through their hit single “Pompeii,” so chances are you’ve already heard of them, or perhaps already are a fan.) This song, “The Draw,” has become one of my favorites. It’s tense, atmospheric, and features a gorgeous, darkly infectious chorus. (The a cappella repeat of said chorus towards the end of the song is particularly haunting.) You can find this track on their extended version of their album “Bad Blood,” entitled “All This Bad Blood.”

I’ll be coming to you soon (perhaps even later today) with more posts. I’ve fixed all the song streaming links that I could find, so feel free to search away through all 101 of these posts to listen to songs right here on the blog. If there are any errors or broken links I missed, please let me know. I’ve also changed up the blog theme, so if you visited before, you may notice Harmony Avenue has a new look. Thanks, as always, for reading, and if you’re so inclined, be sure to comment and share! (I always do love feedback.)


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