Throwback Thursday: “Still Fighting It”

I’ve attempted to “resurrect” this blog, in so many words, and return to regular posting, quite a few times now since my return from Peru. This will be yet another attempt, and I hope it’ll stick. I still do have lots of percolating, hopefully exciting ideas and music floating around my head constantly, so I might as well release it all into the world.

Based on the Internet meme, I’m going to start a (ideally) weekly Throwback Thursday feature. “Throwback” is a bit of a subjective term, and really, I’m going to use it to mean, well, a throwback to an earlier time. In this case, that earlier time will be about 13 years ago or so. That’s not too long ago, I know, but still within the boundaries of the concept, I think. (Hey, it makes me feel old, if that’s any consolation.) These will most likely be along the lines of Song of the Day posts, but I might branch out later on and take on artists, albums, and/or other musical related items.

Today’s Throwback Thursday pays tribute to a newfound gem for me…

“Still Fighting It” by Ben Folds!

I’ve been a Ben Folds fan for quite some time now, but evidently I haven’t done very deep digging into his catalog, because a few days ago, in a Songwriting class that I’m taking here at BYU (it’s quite a blast), our professor played us “Still Fighting It” as an example of a chorus-writing technique that Ben used. I hadn’t heard the song before (I’d heard of it, come to think of it)…but I was quite instantly hooked. In my playing of the song constantly these past few days, along with looking up a bit of info about it, I’ve been able to dive deeper into the lyrics, and also find out a bit of the backstory for the song. (Seeing as it came out in 2001, if you’re a Ben Folds fan that pays more attention than I do, I’m sure you already know all this.) Ben wrote it for his son Louis (which explains the prominent “good morning, son” line). It’s an incredibly touching father-son ballad…the lyrics grab you, then the music grabs you even more, and by then, you’re just sucked in completely. It’s emotional without being overly sweet, real without being too gritty…it’s so darn easy to relate to and be moved by this song. In what’s probably true for a lot of you, it helps me reflect on my relationship with my own father. (Those of you fortunate enough to be fathers will immediately be brought to think about your relationship with your children.) That’s probably why it’s held up for so long…and when someone discovers it for the first time years later, it still rings true. If you’ve loved this tune for years, take another listen and keep enjoying it. If you, like me, didn’t know it was out there, here’s to another little musical journey.

(Thanks for reading, whoever you are, and this time, let’s hope I can actually revive this blog again. It’s about time.)


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