Song of the Day: “Take Me”

Yes. I’m actually posting two days in a row. Isn’t it grand? Well, maybe not that grand. But it’s nice at any rate.

Today’s Song of the Day, the first in a little bit, is…

“Take Me” by Paloma Faith!

Paloma Faith is a fiery soul-pop kind of singer from Britain. You may have heard one of her new singles on the radio, “Only Love Can Hurt Like This” (it looks like Paloma may finally be breaking through to the US market), recently…I think I’ve heard it play a few times, which was cool. I’ve known about her music since quite a while ago, and now she’s getting ready to release her third album (as tends to happen, it’s already out in the UK). This firecracker of a song from that album, I heard on a commercial for Target on the Internet. It’s co-written by John Legend (yes, that John Legend), and Paloma really goes to town on it. She has a powerhouse voice, and that, combined with her slightly quirky, earthy aesthetic, makes for a very fun track. She’s got a gospel choir, a killer piano hook, and lots of fire…if you’ve never heard of Paloma Faith before, this new tune is a very good place to start.

Thanks, as always, for reading! On a slightly unrelated note and as a bit of a teaser, NBC announced this week that “The Sing-Off” will be returning for a fifth season this winter, and I plan to recap it once again, as I did for seasons 2 and 3. Those recaps seemed to be pretty popular features on my blog, so it should be fun! Hope to see you there when I start up the recaps, and before then, too, while you’re at it.


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