Music Video of the Day: “God Only Knows”

Today’s music video spotlight, our first in a bit, is quite a star-studded affair. And it’s a very, very good one. Let’s get right to it, the Music Video of the Day…

“God Only Knows”!

But who’s the artist? Well, there’s actually quite a few. Last week, the BBC released this all-star cover of the Beach Boys classic “God Only Knows” (quite possibly one of the most beautiful songs ever written), both to celebrate the official launch of BBC Music, and as a charity effort for Children In Need. The result? A collection of top-notch talent, backed by the excellent BBC Concert Orchestra, and featuring some pretty darn gorgeous imagery as well. Chances are you’ll see a great many familiar faces in this video (if you’re a bit of an Anglophile like me, you might see a few more), including the legendary Elton John and Stevie Wonder, newer sensations like Sam Smith and Florence Welch (from Florence + the Machine), instrumental geniuses like Queen’s Brian May, and even…a certain boy band that actually doesn’t do too badly. (For a comprehensive list and description of each artist that appears, complete with pictures so you can keep everyone straight, see this article here.) Really, it’s to everyone’s credit that it doesn’t just coast on the star power–this is, without question, a gorgeous cover that somehow manages to fit the best of each artist into the equation. (And that orchestration…ahhh.) Musically and visually, this is a triumph and an unexpected treat, and I really haven’t been able to stop watching it very long this weekend. I can guarantee you that you’ll enjoy it.


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