Song of the Day: “Money On My Mind”

It’s about time I get back to posting again, after a little (as usual, unplanned) break. I’m hoping to get my first Artist Spotlight in ages out soon, but for now, a nice Song of the Day from an artist you’ve most likely heard of very recently…

“Money On My Mind” by Sam Smith!

Sam Smith, a singer/songwriter from the UK (you’ll notice this as a theme continuing into the Artist Spotlight I post later…), has become fairly well-known worldwide thanks to his hit single “Stay With Me.” I’m one of the many fans of that tune, and a few days ago, decided to check out the rest of his album on Spotify. Funnily enough, I heard the first bit of this song and put off listening to the album for a few days. Then I gave it another try…and was hooked. Very, very hooked. This excellent album opener has a hook that will get stuck in your head (and you may like it), a cool message I didn’t quite realize at first about doing music for love, not necessarily for money (though let’s be honest, “Stay With Me” alone has probably secured Sam Smith’s financial future for quite a while yet), some terrific vocals (Sam’s falsetto is unreal), and (for lack of a better term) a very sick beat. (Aargh, I just typed that.) If anything, I’m hoping this is yet another reason for you to listen to the entirety of Sam’s debut album (“In The Lonely Hour”), which is just as outstanding as this opening track, if you haven’t already. Like me up until recently, you’re definitely missing out until you do. After you listen to it all, you’ll probably end up with thoughts like these:

OK, so your tweets will probably be less dorky. But still. See you soon with an Artist Spotlight post!


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