Throwback Thursday: “Christmas Lights”

This blog has become very British as of late. Laura Mvula, Sam Smith, Kate Bush…I mean, I knew I was an Anglophile, but this trend is interesting. And it will continue with a Throwback Thursday post harking back to a song I highlighted 4 years ago this week. I’ve found it a bit uncharacteristically rocky to get into Christmas music this season, which is strange, because that’s usually my absolute favorite part of the holidays, but I’m getting there, and this wonderful tune…complete with its stunning music video…has certainly helped. It’s time for…

“Christmas Lights” by Coldplay!

When I shared this song the first time, it was a new single that Coldplay had released just in time for Christmas. Now, it’s been around for four years, as mentioned above, and I love it just as much as I did then…perhaps, even more so. I love pretty much anything Coldplay touches, so that’s a given. Reflecting on it all, I think that the song itself really speaks to me as well. Christmas lights are one of my absolute favorite parts of the Christmas season. To me, they’re symbolic of the light that we can receive from the real reason we celebrate this season…Christ Himself. All those glittering, shining lights around this time of year are a beautiful sight, and they signify peace, hope, happiness…all those wonderful things we feel this time of year.

Now, I don’t know if that’s exactly what Coldplay was trying to get at here…but even though their song is framed by romantic love (a disagreement between a couple, and hope to reunite) in a way, it also explores the larger hope that we find through seeing Christmas lights…and Christmastime in general. I love this last chorus:

Oh Christmas lights,

Light up the street.

Light up the fireworks in me.

May all your troubles soon be gone.

Those Christmas lights keep shining on.

“Those Christmas lights keep shining on.” The light of the Christmas season keeps shining on as long as we keep it that way. Like I alluded to above in my intro, it’s been kind of a weird Christmastime for me so far this year…especially where music is concerned…but it’s songs like these that help remind me how special this season is.


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