Holiday Song of the Day: “Something About December”

I’m having quite the Christmas music renaissance lately. After an inexplicable period of just not being ready for holiday tunes yet…I’m listening to it quite a bit the past week or so. (Enough that I’ll have a post coming in regards to some new favorite Christmas albums I’ve found. I think you’ll like it. I’ll try to get it out pretty quickly so you can make some great additions to your Christmas music collection.) This fine tune I found just a few days ago. It’s already destined to become a classic in my book…

“Something About December” by Christina Perri!

It had been a while since I’d listened to much of Christina Perri, and I saw she had a Christmas EP released back in 2012 (“A Very Merry Perri Christmas”…love her use of rhyme), because a friend on Spotify was listening to it. This is the opening track (the only original song on the EP), and wow…it’s just such a beautiful, heartwarming song. Gorgeous melody, beautiful voice, and some thoughtful, wonderfully evocative lyrics. What’s not to love? It kind of sounds like something Carole King would record (ooh, that reminds me, she did a holiday album…I’ll have to check that out…), and I mean that in the best way possible. This is a timeless song that really describes why December is such a special time. (And not just because yours truly’s birthday starts off the month…though that certainly can help. :)) I think the lyrics in the chorus tie everything together perfectly:

Let all your memories hold you close

No matter where you are

You’re not alone

Because the ones you love are never far

If Christmas is in your heart.

I admit it’s a bit of a cliche…”Christmas in your heart.” But it’s true, I think. You really can have all the hope, happiness, love, and light of this season in your heart. And you can keep that, even just a little to keep you going, after the season ends. Which is in itself another cliche, too, I suppose…but yeah. I just can’t help feeling a lot of the Christmas spirit when I listen to uplifting songs like these.

News flash: Tomorrow night is “The Sing-Off” special! I probably won’t be able to watch it live, but I will get a recap up as soon as I can, because, well, you know me…I’ll be there when “The Sing-Off” comes a-calling. (Even if NBC regrettably crunches an entire season down to one 2-hour episode…still sad about that.) Also, I saw a clip of Patrick Stump filling in for Ben Folds, and he doesn’t look too bad. To be honest, I had him confused with his bandmate Pete Wentz…so yeah, I feel a bit better about the situation. Anywho, I digress. Stay tuned for that recap and more Christmas goodness, and of course more towards the end of the year for the long-awaited best albums of 2014 post! Thanks for reading, as always.


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