Song of the Day: “Say You Love Me”

I’ve been meaning to make this little post for a while now. Why exactly it took so long when it’s a Song of the Day, and thus very quick and easy to put together, I don’t know…but never mind that. Today’s song to be spotlighted?

“Say You Love Me” by Jessie Ware!

Before I start talking about the song, remember how a few weeks ago, I gave a few honorable mentions for my Best Albums of 2014 list? I have at least one album to add to the fray, one that had I not been a dummy and had actually listened to it last year, it would have easily made the list (I have no idea what album it would have replaced, but that’s kind of a moot point now anyhow), the album this very song comes from, “Tough Love,” by British rising star Jessie Ware. (Consider it an honorary 41st entry or something. There is one other album I overlooked, I believe, but I’ll hopefully get to that in another post.) Early this year, I realized I’d been seeing Jessie’s name and that album floated around quite a lot, and decided to check her out once and for all. I did, and I was drawn in almost instantly. She has a gorgeous voice, powerful yet delicate and expressive, and her songwriting is top-notch. This particular song, the second single off her album, is absolutely stunning. Co-written with a rather famous fellow British musician, Ed Sheeran, it’s a heartbreakingly lovely acoustically-based ballad (think pop with a hint of R&B and soul) that has Jessie pleading for her lover to just say those words…to just say that they love her. The way both her and Ed Sheeran voice that plea in their writing is extremely well-done, she gives an impeccable, impassioned vocal, and the instrumentation surrounding her is both bracingly accessible and sonically experimental all at once. If this is your first time listening to Jessie Ware (this is quite possible), do yourself a favor and take a dive into her other songs. If you’re already a fan, go ahead and slap me for taking so long to realize how great she is.


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