Song Sampler of the Day: “Make A Child,” “Gimme All Your Love,” & “Same To You”

It’s been a while since I’ve shared a Song or Song Sampler of the Day, and there’s been lots of terrific new music I’ve wanted to share. Here we go. First off…

“Make a Child” by Yael Naim!

The name Yael Naim may not ring a bell for you right off the bat, but you probably know her 2007 hit “New Soul,” which was notably featured in a MacBook Air commercial at the time. I became a fan of not just that song, but her entire debut album thanks to that, and while I was gone when her second album came out in 2012 and haven’t gotten the chance to listen to it in full yet, her latest album “Older,” I have been able to check out, and it’s outstanding. She’s evolved wonderfully as an artist, and while her music hasn’t changed too much, it’s matured and grown in wonderful ways. Lead single “Coward,” a bit of a darker tune and one of my favorites on the album, was released as a fascinating EP with three different versions (the original, one with jazz pianist Brad Mehldau, and one with the Metropole Orkestra), and I highly recommend it. However, I wanted to share this particular song, “Make A Child,” because of its infectious, buoyant, addicting quality that has really made it a standout for me. (“Walk Walk” is another choice album cut that has been stuck on repeat…really, you’ll be well off just listening to the album in general. As you can see here, it’s available on Spotify.) Next up…

“Gimme All Your Love” by Alabama Shakes!

A month or so ago, Alabama Shakes, led by firecracker vocalist/guitarist Brittany Howard, sang on “Saturday Night Live.” I actually didn’t watch it then, but I had heard their name, and more recently, I saw their new album was coming out soon, and got curious and decided to check them out. (Oh dang, I just noticed why their name sounds familiar. I got a free single from iTunes by them, “Hold On,” back in 2012. This always seems to happen.) I was floored by the two singles they have, and while the other, “Don’t Wanna Fight,” is a definite keeper (there’s a sort of trend in these songs I’m sharing today, isn’t there?), this one has grabbed me the most. Brittany’s vocals are jaw-droppingly stunning. She doesn’t just ‘have soul,’ she embodies it. This song is a blistering, crunchy, yet gorgeous and heartbreaking ballad, yet it ends with a funk-soul-type instrumental jam that ramps things up, because that’s just how Alabama Shakes rolls. Can’t wait for the album…I’m really happy I finally discovered their music (it’s like my second chance, since I never really listened to that iTunes single).

Last but not least…

“Same To You” by Melody Gardot!

Melody Gardot is an outstanding jazz-based singer/songwriter that you may already be well acquainted with. This is the new single from her upcoming album, “Currency of Man,” and it’s a thrilling departure from her previous work. It’s gritty, incredibly catchy (I could honestly see this on the radio, and I mean that in the best way), and full of soul (another theme kind of building here in this post). For lack of a better term, I’d call it…well, incredibly sexy. (I can’t think of a more succinct way to put it, really.) If you’re already a fan of Melody, you’ll love this new direction, and if you haven’t heard her stuff yet, get around to that now, I’d say…but this single will definitely whet your whistle. It’s good. It’s really, really good.

Thanks for reading and listening! Stay tuned, as always, for more Harmony Avenue goodness. If you liked any of these, be sure to let me know in the comments.


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