Song Sampler of the Day: “Sirens” & “Never Let You Down”


Today’s kind of a special post, for reasons you’ll see in a moment. Plus, I’m sharing not just one song for this Song of the Day post, but two! Two for the price of one, as they say…

“Sirens” & “Never Let You Down” by the Weepies!

The Weepies are an incredible pair of singer/songwriters (who also happen to be husband and wife…they married a few years after they formed their duo), Steve Tannen and Deb Talan, that I’ve loved for quite some time, and these two songs are from their new album out last month, also called Sirens. The album was recorded in the midst of a difficult time for the duo, as Deb was diagnosed with cancer (she was happily declared cancer-free last year after going through treatment and surgery). The album touches on a bit of that struggle for sure, but mainly, it’s a record full of life and hope, with a bit of sadness and heartbreak mixed in (as is the case with the rest of the Weepies’ fine catalog), and these two songs are excellent examples of that. “Sirens” is wistful and haunting, with a lovely lead vocal by Deb. The lyrics are enigmatic, but powerful. Many reviewers have commented that the “sirens” in the song can be seen as not just referring to the mythical figures, but also potentially sirens as in an ambulance (the line in the chorus “I hear their voices, sirens calling out emergency” lends a lot to this). It’s really just a gorgeous song. Steve takes the lead on the other tune, “Never Let You Down,” a bouncy, joyful two-and-a-half minute ride that’s a great showcase for the Weepies’ lighter side, along with their matchless harmonies.

So why did I say this post was a bit special? I thought the Weepies would be a perfect choice to share today because it’s my little sister Olivia’s birthday, and she is a huge Weepies fan. I don’t know how it happened, but sometime when I was listening to their music, she caught on, and fell in love with their songs…so much that when I saw that the Weepies were coming to Arizona back in September 2011, she insisted that she come with me to the concert. She was only 8 then, but seeing her enthusiasm, I agreed. It was a terrific concert…it was just Deb and Steve going completely acoustic, so it was a very low-key affair, but so, so good. And my sister? I have never seen her so well-behaved. She was totally into every song and she had the best time. It’s certainly a wonderful memory for us to share as siblings. Here’s a picture from that night:


It’s a combination of two of the best things in life: music and family. It doesn’t get better than that. 🙂

Thanks as always for reading! Stay tuned for more Harmony Avenue goodness, as always. (And if you’re reading this, happy birthday [again], Olivia!)


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