Throwback Thursday: “Fidelity”


Looking through my blog posts, I haven’t done something for Throwback Thursday since March. That post focused on an album from the 1970s. This throwback is a bit more recent, from 2006. It’s also the first music video I’m throwing back to…travel through time with me to watch Regina Spektor’s fine video for her hit single “Fidelity.”

To say I’ve loved Regina Spektor’s music for a long time would be an understatement. While I can’t say I knew her music from the beginning, I was fortunate enough to find it (and subsequently fall in love with it) earlier than some. Like quite a few people, I’m sure, this was by and large my introduction to her incredibly beautiful, unique (and yes, a little bit quirky) brand of music, and what an introduction it was. I hadn’t watched the video in years, nor listened to the song in a while, and it being one of the music videos I bought on iTunes way back when (quite possibly the first video I bought on iTunes, if I recall correctly), I watched it on my phone out of curiosity today. I was struck even more than I was in the past by how wonderfully the video tells an engaging, heartfelt story. I really, really love how it illustrates the struggle of giving your heart to someone, and how difficult truly letting yourself fall in love can be. I can really identify with that. The imagery is gorgeous as well, and really adds to the effect of the song and the video. Looking at the song’s Wikipedia article today, I found out that the video was directed by Marc Webb, he of “(500) Days of Summer” and “The Amazing Spider-Man” fame. Makes sense that this is like a mini-movie, then.

It’s very possible you’ve heard of this song and you know it well (it became fairly popular)…if that’s the case, take a look at the video and remember how much you love it. If you haven’t heard it yet…it’s never too late to dive right in. You’ll be hooked, I bet, and Regina Spektor has lots more terrific songs for you to enjoy as well.

Stay tuned (hopefully) tomorrow for an Artist Spotlight I’ve been excited to share with you, and more great music here on Harmony Avenue. Thanks for reading, watching, and listening.


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