New Music Friday: Steve Martin & Edie Brickell Team Up For “Won’t Go Back”


Steve and Edie

Sitting in the Drafts section of my blog dashboard are two unfinished New Music Friday posts that will likely never be completed. I really should have named this feature New This Week or New Music Spotlight or something, because naming it New Music Friday typically means it needs to be posted on, well, a Friday (and Fridays typically get too jam-packed for me to find time to write). Today, I’m trying something a bit different with New Music Friday. Rather than going over all this week’s new releases, I’ll just share a delightfully infectious music video for “Won’t Go Back,”  the lead single from Steve Martin & Edie Brickell‘s new album, “So Familiar,” out today.

Yes, we’re talking about that Steve Martin. He’s formed a remarkable second act as a musician, and in recent years he’s collaborated with celebrated singer-songwriter Edie Brickell. Their last album, “Love Has Come For You,” garnered them a well-deserved Grammy nomination, and “So Familiar,” this new effort, is even better. “Won’t Go Back” is lively and assured, a beautiful mix of folk and pop. Edie’s voice is lovely and distinctive, and Steve’s banjo playing is top-notch. And the video? I’ve watched it twice already, and it has me laughing and smiling every time. Steve’s facial expressions are worth watching alone, but the whole concept of the video is so much fun, and beautifully executed. It will most certainly brighten up your day, I can promise you that. (It may also have you be disappointed when you ride an elevator and no one recreates this video, but that’s another story…)

A very happy Friday (and Halloween weekend) to you all. Thanks for reading, watching, and listening.


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