Holiday Song of the Day: “Home for Christmas”

Us being ten days into December already, it’s definitely time to kick off the Christmas music season here at Harmony Avenue, with a beautiful holiday tune by my favorite band. Take a listen to “Home For Christmas” by The Family Crest.

I’ve gone on record previously about how much I love The Family Crest and how they are, officially, my favorite band. (This is a fact Spotify confirmed for me just today. Looking over the cool Year in Music feature, they were my most-streamed artist in 2015.) It took me until a few weeks ago to discover they recorded a Christmas song back in 2012, as they so colorfully describe it, “on a sunny day in San Francisco a few years back.”If you like the song…you’re in luck! It’s available for free, as a holiday gift from the band to all of us music-lovers. Just click on “download” on the track.

It’s a common trope, I know, getting home for Christmas. The song also extends that theme to the New Year, with its recurring motif of “You’re where I want to be this new year.” That said, the Family Crest paints it in a vibrantly unique and heartfelt way. Lead singer Liam McCormick’s arrangement is gorgeous, with a really cool build and progression. It starts off with a piano, adding in more instrumentation as it goes, including a cool little brass entry about halfway through the song, culminating with a beautiful repeating sing-along type chorus at the end. It’s a great song to get you in the mood for this wonderful season, and if you’re heading home for Christmas, this is the perfect soundtrack.

Stay tuned for lots more lovely Christmas songs this month, and some exciting end-of-the-year goodies.


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