Music Video of the Day: “From the Cold (Live)”


OK, now that our long national nightmare my big Top Albums project is over, it’s time to get to the ever-growing backlog of great non-albums list related music I’ve been anxious to share. This first gem is a music video of the song “From The Cold,” recorded live by indie artist Cody Fry

I first came in contact with Cody and his music by way of his “American Idol” audition last year, for the show’s penultimate season. He sang a stripped-down version of “Over the Rainbow,” and I was instantly floored with his voice and sound. Sadly, he didn’t make it farther than Hollywood Week, which was disappointing, but over the past year or so I checked out his music a little bit, and this past January (a year after I’d first seen him audition on “Idol”), at which time I was following Cody on Twitter, I saw him post about the “From the Cold” project.

It’s good, folks. So good. First off, while I can’t say I’m a recording expert, I do have some sense of how much it takes for that many instruments–a piano, guitar, drums, a string section, a choir of backup vocalists–to work well together in a live recording setting. Major props to the engineers and crew, and to Cody himself, who served as producer. In addition, the sound is absolutely gorgeous and the arrangement is stunning. There’s a real epic feel to this song that simply sweeps you off your feet, and the build is subtle yet breathtaking. There are so many cool moments in the song: the harmonies between Cody and the choir; Cody’s bell-clear high note before he goes into the second half; the majestic, haunting piano theme that punctuates that second half; the way the strings sit beautifully in the mix (I’m a sucker for strings, as you probably know by now); really, I could go on and on. Cody dubbed this in the YouTube description as “a song for winter,” but I feel like it’s the kind of music that brings joy all year long. Heck, it’s mid-May, and I’m still eagerly listening to it. It’s so warm and uplifting and inspiring, I can hardly get enough of it. Songwriting, performing, and recording at its best…that’s what this is.

Check out Cody’s website here for info on his other songs (they’re terrific as well), as well as his blog, where he posted a while ago about his “Idol” journey. If you’re familiar with another great singer-songwriter, Ben Rector, you’ll enjoy this clip from “Conan” with Cody rocking out on keyboards and harmonies (he’s a frequent member of Ben’s band).

See you soon with more great music!


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