Song of the Day: “Call Me”


Forgive the relatively late hour at which I’m posting this (making it more a “Song of the Night” than a “Song of the Day”), but I just discovered a song, and I really, really wanted to share it. So much that I’m awakening this blog, yet again, from its slumber. Take a listen to “Call Me” by French-American pop/soul duo Joon Moon.

Once in a while when I’m listening to music on Spotify, I take a look at (and a listen to) my “Discover Weekly” playlist, a collection of personalized recommendations that Spotify updates for me each week. (It’s so personalized it even has my Facebook profile picture as the cover photo.) To be honest, I casually browse it at best, and I don’t even check it each week. My attitude is basically, “whatever, Spotify, you don’t REALLY know me…” Today I decided to check out my Discover Weekly playlist for the first time in a while, and a song I’ve loved for a while, “Brandy Alexander” by Feist, caught my eye. I stopped it right before the track finished so I wouldn’t have to go on to the next song. Then I pressed play again to let it finish completely, and inadvertently did let it go on to the next song…which turned out to be this one. The piano came in and I was intrigued. I thought it might be a cool acoustic cover of “Call Me” by Blondie or something. Then singer Krystle Warren’s rich, expressive vocals came in, and I started to get hooked. By the chorus, featuring Krystle’s voice gorgeously multi-tracked, I was absolutely floored. “Call Me” is excellently written, hauntingly performed, and impeccably produced. I love the way the melody floats and twists and turns in really interesting ways. The mixture of pop and soul is pitch-perfect, with the piano at the forefront, and horns, drums, and a little bit of electric piano (I think?) rounding things out beautifully. I don’t know if you’ll fall as head over heels with this track as I have, but I tell you, this is a winner.

This song has me inspired and pumped to share more terrific music I’ve been planning. So stay tuned for that, as soon as I get it to you. Thanks for reading and listening as always!


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