Throwback Thursday: “Summer Day”

It’s been a bit since I’ve done a Throwback Thursday post here on the blog. Continuing a trend, I won’t be throwing it back that far. Today’s song is just six years old, and it came out this very week, in fact. The song in itself is kind a throwback, though–maybe you could call it throwback-ception? At any rate, take a listen to Sheryl Crow‘s breezy, buoyant single from 2010, “Summer Day.”

A few days ago, I was on a flight back from visiting my family in Arizona, and as I usually do on plane rides, I brought along my (relatively) old-school iPod, since it’s pretty airplane-friendly. I ended up on a playlist I made years ago with this song on it, and lots of great memories of listening to it when it was first released came flooding back. According to Facebook’s “On This Day” feature, I also posted about it a bit 6 years ago as well. This is a great slice of 70s-inspired nostalgia, and a nice mix of pop, soul, and R&B. Sheryl sounds terrific on the track, and the instruments surrounding her really make for a fun vibe. You can’t really get a much better fit for your summer playlist than a song like this.

Sorry I’ve left this blog a bit by the wayside lately. I’m hoping to keep it going very soon with some exciting music I’ve had on the back burner, including some of my own stuff. Stay tuned for that, and as always, thanks for reading and listening.


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